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Based in the heart of the midlands Leicestershire, SH Scent founder, business women and mum of three has been introducing personalised fragrance in to homes and businesses across the UK since 2015.


We have since built up a modest and loyal customer base and have received great feedback in our early years.  Our mission is to infuse luxurious fragrance for both home and business. Igniting a passion for luxury and signature scent.  We pride ourselves on providing a first class to service to all our business and personal customers.  Supplying the highest standard, using the best products to give all our customers the confidence in their home or workplace. We are passionate that the right scent can add a new dimension to a home, enhance the customer experience and is essential for sensory branding, and with our vast range of air fresheners that are inspired by French perfumes we know that we have the perfect scent for you.

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Niche Magazine - October 2017

Living in the Shires - February 2018

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