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TOP NOTE - This fragrance occurs first. Generally made from fresh and intense elements. 
HEART NOTE - When top note fade it is replaced by the heart note making it last longer.
BOTTOM NOTE- The most persistent fragrance and will define the fragrances personality.

Below is an example of the pyramid effect of our Raspberry notes...

Our Fragrances

Paeonia (Davina) 150ml_edited.jpg


This fruity fragrance balances outdoor freshness with the comforting warmth of the home; relax and allow the delightful blend of fruits and spices to envelope you in its gemtle embrace.



The sweet innocence of vanilla has never felt more exciting and vivacious than when coupled with this sensuous blend of oriental flowers and rose buds.



Floral and sensual but with an added twist of summer fruits, this scent creates an ambiance of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Celeste (Divine).jpg


This fragrance conjures the scent of the most exquiste bouquet of roses in full bloom; with echoes of violets, ylang and woody notes of hawthorn, this delightful sensory treat creates a subtle ambiance of oriental and traditional floral tones set against the sweet essence of vanilla.

Cereus Bloom

This heavenly scent is a gentle blend of flora and light fruity textures.  The subtle notes intermingle in this feminine bouquet of lily of the valley, set off by the juicy delights of melons and green apples.


Enter into the forest with this tangy autumnal scent of fruits and enjoy the sensual textures of the woodland berries.  Rekindle memories of previous autumn months spent picking delicious fruits and welcome the return to warm nights with cosy open fires.

This fresh and contemporary scent evades easy defination.  The wild fern that is captured through the top notes of this delightful perfume fades against the fresh and revitalising apple, finally giving way to a masculine aura of woody earthiness.

Petra (Bellissima).jpg


Transform the space around you into an earthly delight for the senses.  This fragrance emanates exotic fruits, floral undertones and culminates in sensual waves of musk and ambergris

An essential in the home, this distinctive blend of Hesperides, peppery basil, bergamot and citrus creates an aromatic freshness.

Amaranta (Nocturne) 150ml_edited.jpg


Reminiscent of the Forest of Arden, this scent does not fail to deliver delightful surprises.  Offering more than a typical floral, woody fragrance, this special scent generates a subtle and sophisticated aroma of autumnal berries and precious ambergris

Fresh and modern, sprawling ferns and juicy green apples coexist in harmony with the spicy and woody notes of the forest pines.



The dark, woody and masuline scent of the forest interspersed with light and feminine flora combines to create a subtle earthy fragrance.  This well-balanced perfume is perfectly finished with a divine twist of precious amber.

Cereus Bloom scentaire.png
Dahlia (Fruit Rouges).jpg
Pavonia 150ml.jpg


Exotic and tantalising scents intermingle to tease you into thinking you have been transported into paradise.  Breathe in the dreamy allure of coconuts, passion fruits and zesty pineapple, and imagine you can hear the calm sea gently rippling over the white sand.  The perfect antidote to grey and rainy days

Menta Fresca.jpg

Menta Fresca

Feel revitalised as you inhale the cooling blend of fresh mint leaves.  As the peppermint gently permeates through the air, allow this refreshing fragrance to clear your mind and your body.  Eliminates the smell of tabacco.

Eau Essential.jpg

Eau Essential

Ornella (Pomelos) 150ml.jpg


Sweet yet sharp, this fragrance creates the perfect balance.  This amorous amalgamation of flavours is reminiscent of lavish cocktails and lazy sunny afternoons.  The delicate white peach and sweet tangerines are given an invigorating edge with the added bursts of grapefruit and pineapple

Enigma (Vertige).jpg



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