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Life - Infusing - Revive

The SH Scent Diffuser allows you to curate the perfect ambience within your home. With a complete range of luxury scents to choose from you can select a perfume to suit your mood. The minimal design is compact, modern and has a wonderful contemporary feel, which enhances any decor.  It truly is the ideal way to experience and enjoy our divine selection of beautiful aromas, based on essential oils, adapted to odour neutralise, within the comfort of your own tranquil home.

  • Choose a colour that suits your personality and surroundings.

  • Adjustable intensity and frequency of scent

  • Can spray upwards or forwards

  • 1 Luxury Scent included

  • Batteries included

Web lettering - round - automatic - grey.jpg
  • Squeeze both sides to open

  • Insert batteries (included)

  • Push the fragrance can into position (clicks into place)

  • Select frequency (7.5 | 15 | 30mins)

  • Select fragrance strength (Max | Med | Min)

  • Close the diffuser and place in your desired location

  • A red light will flash when the fragrance needs to be changed

  • Open diffuser (as above)

  • Click on the red button to release the can, and replace

Web lettering - luxury - how to use.png

An adapter is also included to enable you to change the position of the spray, upwards (as shown in video), or forwards

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