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SH Scent Nature's Odour Neutraliser Block

SH Scent Nature's Odour Neutraliser Block


Offering an alternative  -  A beautiful natural odour neutraliser Block

Powerful odour eliminator, created from a blend of 32 natural essential oils containing plant based natural ingredients.

Ideal for pet smells around dog baskets, litter trays and toilets.  Bathrooms, closets, small spaces and vehicles.

Lasts up to 30 days.

Solid form, no mess or spillages.

170g Block

  • How to use

    Simply open the lid of the container, remove liner.  Place in an area where odours are present.

  • Ideal use

    Perfect for...

    Small Areas, Vehicles, Bathrooms, Perfect for removing pet odours around dog baskets/litter trays.


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