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SH Scent Nature's Odour Neutraliser Gel

SH Scent Nature's Odour Neutraliser Gel


Offering an alternative  -  A beautiful natural odour neutraliser Gel.

Powerful odour eliminator, created from a blend of 32 natural essential oils containing plant based natural ingredients.


A calming, welcoming aroma for any environment.

Eliminates odours safely around family and pets.

Effective for around 4 weeks.

400g Gel 

  • How to use

    Shake Well.  Remove the lid of the container, remove foil and paper cover from the lid, replace the lid and place product in desired location.

  • Ideal use

    Perfect for...

    Caravans, Motor homes, Living Rooms, Leisure, Toilets, Damp areas, Dog grooming salons, Bathrooms, Offices, Pet areas to name a few.


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