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Hand Sanitising Foam (600ml)

Hand Sanitising Foam (600ml)

SKU: 0013

Quantity: 600ml

Hand washes per bottle: 400


Rapid, long lasting, disinfection and biological cleanliness to hard working hands.  The high performance formulation coats the skin with a monomolecular layer that continues providing protection long after the initial application.

  • Description

    • Leaves hands feeling soft and silky
    • Continues to provide protection long after initial use
    • Wall brackets are available

    Supernova alcohol free Hand Sanitising Foam provides rapid, long lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness to all hard working hands. The high performance formulation coats the skin with a monomolecular layer that continues providing protection long after the initial application.

    Regular use ensures sustained broad spectrum pathogen protection. Supernova Hand Sanitising Foam is suitable for use in high traffic locations where soap and water are not available or in areas where a higher level of hand sanitisation is required. Wall brackets can also be purchased, just select the option form the drop down menu.

  • What is Supernova?

    The Supernova alcohol free hand and surface sanitising germ protection products are proven effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.


    • BETTER | Unlike alcohol products, Supernova’s alcohol free formulation kills more germ types and offers longer lasting residual protection.
    • COST EFFECTIVE | Can help save lives, time, money and labour by reducing the risk of cross infection.
    • DIFFERENT | Supernova is alcohol free and non-flammable, so there are no religious, substance abuse or ignition issues, it will not irritate the skin and goes on working long after hands and surfaces have dried.
  • Delivery & Returns

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    Please note: products in our sanitiser range are non-refundable / non exchangeable once delivered, due to health protection or hygenic reasons.


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